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the Polish Parasitological Society


A celebration of WFP flagship journal PAREPI - call for manuscripts into a Special Issue

A celebration of WFP flagship journal PAREPI - call for manuscripts into a Special Issue

On behalf of WFP President, Professor Jong-Yil Chai & WFP Past President, Jorgen Kurtzhals

Dear Society Presidents and WFP members,

The leadership of WFP’s esteemed journal, Parasite Epidemiology and Control (PAREPI), has been passed forward from the Founding Editor Prof. Marcel Tanner to four new Editors:
  • Prof. Margaret Gyapong, Ghana
  • Dr. Pikka Jokelainen, Finland
  • Dr. Juan David Ramírez González, Colombia
  • Prof. Tai-Soon Yong, Korea

We warmly thank Founding Editor Prof. Marcel Tanner for the excellent work over the past years and look forward to the future development of the journal in the hands of the four new Editors.

In order to celebrate the excellent start of PAREPI, we are now calling on each WFP society to propose a key group from your membership to submit an appropriate high profile publication to PAREPI. The article must fit the scope of the journal and must be submitted by the end of August 2019. There will be normal peer-review process. Accepted articles will be highlighted as representing the particular societies (name of the society mentioned), and grouped together in a Virtual Special Issue "WFP Member Societies” (please mention this in the cover letter when submitting the manuscript and a special submission portal on the website set up for you to submit these articles. The publication fee of these articles are waived, and this Special Issue will be widely promoted.

The website of the journal: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/parasite-epidemiology-and-control

This is your chance to showcase the excellent parasitological work of your society. We hope you will take this opportunity as the WFP is your Federation, and we want to support our societies.

We hope you will be keen and enthused to work with us on this exciting opportunity. For correspondence and any key queries please write to our WFP secretary, Assoc Prof David Piedrafita.

Best regards,
Jong-Yil Jong and Joergen Kurtzhals