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ICOPA XIV (2018)

ICOPA XIV (2018)

International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA)
The International Congress of Parasitology is held every four years in different locations. Any member society of the World Federation of Parasitologists may make an application to hold the next meeting in its own country. Submissions should be made in writing to the Secretary of the executive board of the WFP, well in advance of the next meeting of ICOPA. During each congress the board of the WFP will consider the applications, and the council will decide where the next ICOPA will be held. The application may be prepared by a congress centre or by a professional congress organizer, but must be supported by a member society of the WFP.
The next ICOPA, number XIV, will be held in Daegu, South Korea, August 19-23, 2018.

Greetings from Korea.
This is Jong-Yil Chai, President of the 14th ICOPA, Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University College of Medicine. On behalf of the organizing committee of the next ICOPA, I’m very happy to invite all of you to Daegu, South Korea in the year 2018. We, Korean parasitologists, are putting in lots of efforts with a great passion for developing the research field ranging from all related areas. This Congress is expected to serve as a hot debating space for parasitology around the world and to address some crucial issues, coming up with solutions. To this end, we are collaborating with the central and local governments, and related organizations of Korea to make this event substantial. The venue is EXCO Convention Center. Daegu is a cultural city located in the south eastern part of South Korea and famous with beautiful environment and kind and nice people. Nearby Daegu is located an ancient city named Gyeungju built 3,000 years ago. You can see and feel atmosphere of the unique Korean culture. We strongly hope to make the 14th ICOPA a most fruitful and wonderful and enjoyable international meeting.
For this, we will try our best.
Thank you and see you in Daegu in near 2018.
Jong-Yil Chai
President of ICOPA 2018

Greetings from Korea!
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to cordially invite you to Daegu, as the venue for the 14th International Congress of Parasitology in 2018. The congress, to be held at the EXCO from 19 (Sunday) to 24 (Friday) August, 2018 is expected to attract over 2,000 delegates all over the world to exchange latest scientific knowledge on parasitology and related sciences, and will provide exciting opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to network, display their products and services and communication opportunities. Parasitology is not a science that belongs to the past, but is being developed by new concepts and technologies that are more interesting and beneficial to humankind. Parasitology is made up of a variety of disciplines. During the 14th International Congress of Parasitology, there will not be even a second to feel boredom. Under the main theme "Parasite: Harms & Benefits”, the congress is filled with 22 sub themes, which will fulfill participant’s needs and expectations. The congress will consist of various scientific programs, such as plenary sessions, symposium, oral / poster presentations and workshops. As for social programs, for example, young professional party will draw many young expert’s interest. Korea is a unique country in East Asia with beautiful nature, long history and culture. Recently, the Korean Wave has received worldwide attention. I would like to invite you to visit Korea and share your academic achievements and enjoyable cultural experiences together. I very much look forward to seeing you in Daegu in 2018.
Thank you.
Tai-Soon Yong
Chair of Organizing Committee

Welcome to the 14th International Congress of Parasitology in Daegu.
Dear parasitologists, dear colleagues from medicine, veterinary medicine and sciences with an interest in parasites, dear students.I cannot say how much I look forward to meeting you all in Daegu for our next ICOPA. ICOPA is one of the highlights in parasitology where we meet friends and colleagues, forge new friendships and collaborations, and get inspired to continue our research and practice in parasitology. It is so much more than being updated scientifically. Last year I was invited to Daegu by the Local Organising Committee, where I met with the local government and visited the congress centre and some of the cultural heritage sites in the area. There is a strong support of the ICOPA in the society and the congress facilities and surroundings are perfect. More importantly, the LOC has formed a local programme committee and teamed up with a strong international scientific board in order to give us an excellent programme. What we need now to make the congress a success is your participation, your presentations, and your support to inspire colleagues and students to join.Let us all meet in Daegu 19-24 August 2018 – and my advice: Set aside a few extra days to enjoy the fascinating country.
Jørgen Kurtzhals
President, World Federation of Parasitologists

Title 14th International Congress of Parasitology
Period 19 (Sun) - 24 (Fri) August, 2018
Venue EXCO, Daegu, Korea
Hosted by ICOPA 2018 Korean Organizing Committee
Co-Organizer The Korean Society for Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (KSPTM)
World Federation of Parasitologist (WFP)
Website http://icopa2018.org