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5th International Meeting, Berlin 2–4 October 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 5th International Meeting on Apicomplexan Parasites in Farm Animals (ApicoWplexa) in Berlin from 2–4 October 2019. This meeting will be in line with the highly successful ApicoWplexa conferences held so far. It is our task to provide you with good conditions for networking and scientific exchange in the field of apicomplexan parasites in livestock.
The meeting will overarch the different areas of research on apicomplexan parasites in farm animals, from molecular and cell biology over host-parasite interactions, immunology to epidemiology and control of infections with these parasites. Knowledge on all these aspects is prerequisite to develop intervention strategies, effective vaccines or drugs. New vaccines, drugs and novel intervention strategies against apicomplexan parasites in livestock will therefore be key topics of the up-coming conference in Berlin.
The ApicoWplexa conferences focused in the past on toxoplasmosis, neosporosis, besnoitiosis, eimeriosis, babesiosis and theileriosis. In the ApicoWplexa meeting in Berlin, we wish to cover also cryptosporidiosis due to its importance as a zoonotic disease. We also plan to dedicate more time on the One-Health aspect of apicomplexan parasites in farm animals.
Please come and join us in Berlin for the ApicoWplexa 2019 conference! We look forward to welcoming you.

Best regards,
Dr. Gereon Schares and Prof. Franz J. Conraths
on behalf of the organising committee

Name:                 5th International Meeting on Apicomplexan Parasites in Farm Animals

Date:                   2–4 October 2019

Venue:                Berlin (Germany) 

www:                  https://www.apicowplexa.de/

Language:          English

Scientific conference chairs:

              Dr. Gereon Schares | Prof. Dr. Franz J. Conraths, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut


Conference topics:

  • Epidemiology and diagnosis
  • One Health: Food and water as sources of infection with coccidian parasites
  • Genetic variability, parasite evolution and virulence
  • Pathogenesis and experimental animal models
  • Vaccination, chemotherapy and control
  • Host-parasite interactions


Deadline abstract-submission: 31 May 2019 -> Link

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