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Zaproszenie na konferencję

2020 EVENT of the European Society of Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
it is a great pleasure to announce that, during the next Conference of the Italian Society of Parasitology (SoIPa XXXI) that will be held in Abruzzo region of Central Italy (Teramo-Silvi Marina) from 24th to 27th of June 2020, an event of the European Society of Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis (ESDA) will take place.
This 2020ESDA Event is scheduled for 25 June 2020, will host outstanding and internationally-recognized expert speakers which will provide the most actual updates on Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis, and will consist in the following program:
- ESDA/SoIPa Plenary Session on "Scientific Communication and Parasites”, with Dan Riskin (the Canadian TV presenter of Monsters inside me from Animal Planet), Massimo Polidoro and Antonio Frangipane di Regalbono as Invited Speakers.
- ESDA Symposium on new trends on "Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis” with three Invited Speakers: Eric Morgan, Anastasia Diakou and Vladimir Kartashev
- ESDA/SoIPa Lunch&Learn Session with two Invited Speakers to be announced
- ESDA Session of Oral Communications that will be open by Jason Drake
- ESDA/SoIPa Symposium on "Old and New Parasites of Companion Animals” (including feline lungworms and zoonotic parasites) with three Invited Speakers: Angela Di Cesare, Fabrizia Veronesi and Paul Overgauuw.
- Poster Presentations.
Also, all participants are kindly invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the whole Conference on the day before, with Peter Deplazes and his lectio magistralis on "Nature, People, Animals: Ecological changes of zoonotic parasitoses”.
We will be waiting to receive your outstanding scientific contributions for both the Oral Talks Session and the Poster presentations. And of course the Venue will be exciting, with a great opportunity also for a fantastic holiday in Italy: https://www.centrocongressiabruzzo.it/en. The Conference venue hosts two hotels (4-stars and 5-stars) that you could book directly through the website with special daily rates. The two Hotels and the venue are directly in front of an Adriatic Sea beach.
Although the website is still under construction, you can find all key information, including venue, registration fees and deadlines. Please visit: https://www.soipa2020.it/it/esda2020. The registration is now open, secure it now and save money with the early registration fee. The abstract submission is also open. Stay tuned for the next website updates.
We look forward having you here at the 2020ESDA Event.
Kind regards,
Prof. Donato Traversa